Below are 11 photos you selected, edited and colour corrected. If there are things you're not happy with in individual shots, please let me know specifically what you don't like and I will see what I can do to improve them. 

These are medium-resolution images (click on the photos to see them enlarged) suitable for screen and social media sharing. The full-resolution versions can be downloaded in a single zip file here.  

My usual rate is to include five photos in the basic shooting rate, and additional images can be purchased at $12 each or five for $50, so $62 for the six additional images you've selected. However, you have very patiently waited so I'm going to knock the price back significantly, and just charge $30 for the six; it's the least I can do.


Laughter Yoga

Below are 67 selected photos from our two shoots in August 2020.

These are medium-resolution watermarked images (click on the photos to see them enlarged). Aside from some basic RAW processing, these are unedited shots. Once you select the photos you like (five you have already paid for plus however many more you want at $12 per shot or five for $50), I will edit them for colour balance, composition, clean up hair flyaways, background distractions (such as feathers on the grass in the yoga shots) etc. 

You can choose which images you want edited by clicking the 'heart' icon from either the preview or expanded views.