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Here are the completed photos, edited, colour corrected and retouched,  from our shoot on October 13 of your two resin artworks. There are 12 images of the dark rectangular piece (3 overview shots and 9 detail shots), and 9 of the bright circular piece (2 overviews and 7 detail shots.


These are medium-resolution versions (about 1/3 the size of the full versions), watermarked for the purpose of selection. Watermarks will of course be removed from all purchased images. The base rate for the shoot is $60, with the first three selected images costing $30/each and $20 for each additional image. The full set of images would thus normally cost  $570 including the shooting fee, but if you would like to purchase the set in its entirety, it will be only $500 everything included. 

Final versions of the second artwork will be delivered as PNG files to allow for a proper alpha transparency channel where applicable.

The Art of Resin

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